Puspa Rani’s Story

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


“My husband has not been well in the last two years after a stroke. He has been going in and out of the hospital. Then we went to an Ayurvedic Center for treatment where we attended 2 sessions of Agnihotra, morning and evening. We drank Agnihotra ash in water and applied it. The third day, my husband was able to walk. We applied also Agnihotra ash with ghee on his swollen hand and now the hand is better also.”

Mrs Puspa and her recovering husband

“My husband does not want to use the walking-stick any longer. He is walking independently now. He was paralyzed and he could not walk for one and a half years. Now he walks! I put all my faith in Agnihotra and I do it at sunrise and sunset. My husband takes 2 to 3 ash capsules per day.”

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