Gregorio and Celia Florentino’s Story

The Bronx, NY

allergic bronchial rhinitis

Gregorio Florentino:
“With the Agnihotra fire, I passed this winter without having the flu. Just once, one day I had some discomfort. I noticed that my 7 year old son, Gregorio Gurumel, sleeps better. Some months back, he moved all over the bed while being asleep. With Homa Therapy, he wakes up where he falls sleep.”

Celia Florentino:
“Since we have started Homa Therapy, we are all more peaceful. My older son is 21 years old and he takes the Agnihotra ash daily. He suffered from allergic bronchial rhinitis and I see that his health improved a lot. He is also enjoying a deeper sleep and his spring allergy has reduced. In winter, we did not suffer from colds, flu or gripe . Truly, our immune-system has become stronger. We feel very healthy. We could also experience that my older son has improved his diet, in spite of having to eat sometimes outside.”

“We practice Agnihotra every day. If I cannot do it, my husband does it and Gurumel participates. He knows the Mantras and also does Agnihotra.”

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