Prof. Lastenia Baca Campo | Erosive Ulcers, Malignant Parotid Carcinoma, Scalding

Prof. Lastenia Baca Campo
Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Peru

     "My son, Frank Emerson Carrasco Baca, 24 years old, had very strong stomach pain. So I took him to Lima on a sleeper bus directly to the clinic Cayetano Heredia. They diagnosed him with "Helicobacter pylori". It was very "advanced" and he had "erosive ulcers". Doctors gave him very strong medicine. Then we left for Cajamarca, where he studies. I left him with the prescribed allopathic medicine and a jar of Agnihotra ash. When I returned to Cajamarca, I found that he had taken less than half of the prescribed allopathic medicine.
  (Photo: Prof. Lastenia Baca Campo doing Agnihotra.)

Then I called his attention, telling him that the doctor had clearly said that there was not one day when he could not take this medications, otherwise, he would not heal. However, he told me that the medicine produced him dizziness and he was not able to attend the university classes and take exams.
    So he had decided to take the Agnihotra ash only. After 3 months, when we returned to Lima, the doctor checked him again and found that the erosive ulcers were gone and he had no longer the Helicobacter pylori. 

Also, two years ago, a "malignant parotid carcinoma" was found in my daughter, Sani Carrasco Baca. She was told that it was already moving through the lymphatic system. She had 3 swollen lymph nodes in the neck area. I, as a mother, was totally devastated. So I went to the priests and pastors, and everywhere. And I also started doing the Tryambakam Homa, almost every day, week after week, constantly. I also visited her in Cajamarca and continued doing Agnihotra and Tryambakam, much Tryambakam Homa. My daughter went to Cuba. She was operated there and then returned to Peru.  Everyone said that "my daughter cannot be saved."
But, I had faith and continued and continued with prayers and Homa fires. Then, they did tests and scans and they found no cancer anywhere.
                Another thing that happened to my daughter, was she got burnt one day while cooking. A pan of boiling oil spilled onto the chest and abdomen. She was in great pain and her husband wanted to take her to the hospital. But she remembered that I had left a glass of ghee and had told them that this could help them for anything. She wanted to calm down the pain before leaving for the hospital. So he bathed the entire burned area with ghee and covered her with a sheet.
After a while, the pain disappeared and when they were about to leave for the hospital, the removed the sheet and there was nothing, nothing, not a blister, not even red zones. She was completely well. They could not believe it

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