Luz Mery Mora | Thyroid

Luz Mery Mora
Armenia, Colombia
South America

      "I had a thyroid problem. I took medicines for 6 years. When I began to feel a kind of generalized anxiety, I had to go to a psychiatrist. I woke up feeling panic and very cold.
I visited many doctors, but they said that I was well in spite of these horrible crises with anguish.
   The psychiatrist asked me if I wanted to die, but I told him that I had no problems, not with love or work and that I did not know why I was like this. The endocrinologist sent me for examinations and prescribed me with medication for Hypothyroidism. He said that I needed to take thyroxin pills for the rest of my life.

       When I started the practice Homa Therapy 4 years ago,  I was able to stop taking those pills. I love it and I often participate in the Homa sessions in Botica Sol.
    I feel very calm and relaxed. Nothing hurts. I do not feel anxiety nor panic.
And my hands are warm. Now, I think that, if people are well energetically – because our body is energy – then we are healthy.
     My husband also took thyroxin, because he had the same thyroid problem. He also stopped taking these pills. He feels good just taking Agnihotra ash.
   A friend, a bacteriologist, told me that before practicing Homa Therapy, she had problems, her children could not find work, etc. But when she started doing the Homa fires, things got organized and went smooth.
    I can confirm this from my personal experience. My son is an engineer in telecommunications. When he finished his specialization, he could not find work. He was quite depressed and wondered why he had studied at all? I said to him: ‘Have patience, with the Homa fires everything goes well.’ And without any doubt, everything always falls into balance with the practice of Homa Therapy."

(Photo: Mrs. Luz Mery Mora)

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