Percy Villar Codarlupo | Diabetes

Percy Villar Codarlupo
Piura, Peru, South America

        I am 45 years old. Before knowing Homa Therapy, I had problems with high glucose levels. I was taking excess medications which caused digestive problems. I also suffered from emotional problems as depression and panic for having been infected with covid at the beginning of January of this year. I could not find any solution to these problems.

      My physical and mental state were altering my nervous system. And I presented problems like for example, a disturbing buzzing in my ears (tinnitus), among others.
       Between the years 2017 and 2020, I took supplements which helped to control the diabetes. However, when we could no longer afford these (the monthly expenses ran between 2000 to 3000 thousand Soles, which is approx. 800 US$), the problem returned. The diabetes began when I worked in a factory of soft drink and I drank these a lot, without being aware of their harmful effects on my health. I had the glucose level between 400 to 500. I almost entered a diabetic coma and took various medications such as Amaryl, Galvus Met and Metformin, to control the diabetes.

     Thanks to learning about this ancestral Homa medicine, I am participating along with my wife since two and a half months in these free Agnihotra sessions. I am consuming the healing ash of the Agnihotra fire and I can confirm that I have improved in:
– My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level
– My respiratory capacity and my digestion
– My sleep has been more pleasant, profound, renovating my energies
– My eyesight is in recovery
– I stopped taking any medication. I now take only Agnihotra ash and my glucose level has dropped to the normal range.
– I feel renewed, I feel closer to God and my family
– In my family environment, good things are happening.

(Photo above: Percy and his wife Nathalia practicing Agnihotra.) 
 I am grateful to God as well as to Prof. Abel and his wife, Aleta for sharing and teaching this simple healing technique of Ayurveda. We just got our own Agnihotra kit for our personal practice of Homa Therapy. We want to share these fires with our family, since this Homa experience has given us good results and we want to help other people.

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