Pedro Segundo Coveña Chávez | Conflict

Pedro Segundo Coveña Chávez
President of the Farmers Community of Castilla
President of the Regional Agrarian Federation of the Dept. Piura and Tumbes
Piura, Peru, South America

      We have been practicing Homa Therapy here in our location. And it is well known that the Farmers Community of Castilla was synonymous with conflicts and lawsuits. Here, there had always been confrontations.

(Photo: Pedro Coveña)

   When we began to practice Homa Therapy, we began to experience tranquility and peace. Each assembly we have now is like a family reunion. Finally, in 2019, we have managed to purchase a large caterpillar tractor (CAT 950). It is a product of our own effort, bought with our own money. This is for us a clear demonstration that this environment is purified and improved for people are calmer. They no longer unite to argue, but to give ideas to promote the common development.
That is why we are very happy, because our institution is developing rapidly in a short time.
Although there are opposing forces that have tried to disrupt us, thanks to God and to Homa Therapy, we have managed to bring everyone together, to come to an agreement of support. So, the “bad” people are reduced in numbers and in the end, they join us.
That is what we are seeing and achieving in a relatively short time.
    On a personal level, I can tell you that before I was more tense, more worried. I did hide from people because there was a lot of trouble. Now, I have the tranquility and the strength that everything is working and going well, thanks to Homa Therapy.

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