Enrique Appel | Fungal Infection, Warts

(Photo: Enrique Appel)

Enrique Appel
Encarnación, Paraguay, South America

       I am 63 years old. I had very strong fungus infection on my feet and warts on my arms.
By doing Homa Therapy, all that has gone; it is incredible and powerful. That happened with the first time doing Agnihotra and I had been suffering with foot fungus for about 10 years. I had gone to specialists, dermatologists, etc. I tried everything there was. And just by doing Agnihotra and taking its ashes this has happened. I take the Agnihotra ash in the morning with my mate tea. I put the herbs and the Agnihotra ash and then the hot water.

  The practice of Agnihotra has also helped me emotionally and in the relationship with my daughters.
 Also, we make bread in our house and the loaves are now twice the volume!
 Agnihotra practice is a Blessing for the house and it is the help that people need now in order to return to natural ways.

I thank you for bringing Homa Therapy to our country and we are going to expand it.

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