Norma Yanet Silva Estela | Breast Cancer

Norma Yanet Silva Estela
Hospital EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

     "I am 42 years old. The doctors detected third stage breast cancer, because when you are told "you have cancer", you are full of fears. You think that you will die. 
Chemotherapy treatment of third grade had not shown any effects; the tumor continued to grow and reached a size of 12×10 cm. It was quite large.

 After surgery, the Chemotherapy treatment applied was for  fourth stage Cancer. The procedure was chemo, surgery and again chemo. During the chemo therapy I could not walk, the pain was intense and I felt it even in my bones. I could not eat. I was pushing and screaming when I was alone in my room. I did not allow anyone to visit me because I felt like a human sponge.
The doctors had told me that treatment would be very strong and that everything depended on whether my body could endure such treatment which finishes the defenses. I could not sleep and thought the worst. I was worried about who will care for my children. By taking the Agnihotra ash, I slept as if I had been taking 4 Diazepam tablets and  I felt completely peaceful the next day.  My mood began to change too. I was no longer with this tension, this nervousness and my mind did not betray me any longer.
              I did not want to receive the fifth chemo, I was scared. But after taking the Agnihotra ash, it was easy.
This Ash helped me a lot. Only one day I was in pain, but the pain was mild and bearable. Before, they had to give me 3 times strong painkillers to endure the pain. Then I did not need them and the doctor was amazed and asked me if I was not in pain? The chemo therapy practically did not affect me anymore. After the chemo, back at home, I was quiet, and sleepy. Before taking the Agnihotra ash, after chemo I suffered with pain for 7 days, I felt my body like stabbed by knives. All this occurred in March. This was 9 months ago and I feel great.

    I did all the exams and now I have nothing. Emotionally I feel good and I take more care about what I eat. I take the Agnihotra ash with water all day long. If I feel some anxiety, I take a little more ash and I feel good again.
Also, I have an 8 year old daughter, Patricia Yanet, who was very restless. She has a big anxiety to eat and was quite overweight. At first she did not want to take the Agnihotra ash, but I mixed it with yogurt and after 5 days her anxiety disappeared. It is amazing, because before she was eating and she wanted more and more, but then she started telling me ‘mom, I’m not hungry, I do not want to eat more’. Her anxiety is gone. She only eats what is necessary and she is losing weight."
         (Photo: Mrs. Norma Yanet giving her testimony and practicing Agnihotra.)

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  1. Hi Norma, I feel so encouraged and full of hope reading your story. Would you be ok if I message you directly.

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