Mary Lee Weir’s Story

Central America

drug addiction

“I have been practicing Agnihotra and Homa Therapy since starting with my first fire in December 2003. Things were a disaster at that time and I lost everything including almost my own life to a drug overdose. In order to get me on the plane to Peru to undergo the Homa Therapy Drug De-Addiction Program, my family created a pretext that I should please go and document this Vedic method of drug deaddiction.”

“Dr Irma Garcia greeted me at the airport; she was my first contact and at the time I was also smoking cigarettes. She politely said, ‘Enjoy it because that is your last one.’ Reluctantly and not without putting up a bit of a fight I walked away from cigarettes, never looking back. Goodbye and good riddance!”

“It was decided that I should go to Pucallpa, Peru to stay with Dr Gloria Guzman for 3 months. Of course, by this time I became fully aware that the documentation was actually going to begin with me. I was immediately drawn to the fires and participated well with the regular HOMAS. The healing had begun and so my life began to change.”

“After 3 months with Dr Gloria, I returned to Lima for one month, then went to Poland and India for 3 more months, totalling 7 months in a HOMA environment. When I returned to Florida I felt very disconnected from what was my former life. Still however, I had not completely disentangled myself from that life. I was confused at times but managed to maintain some regularity with Agnihotra Sunrise and Sunset fires. I reverted to drinking alcohol and was also smoking marijuana again. However, I simply felt out of place with my life.”

“The next six months I spent in India, mainly at Tapovan. I spent quite a bit of time learning about Jatropha curcas and Bio-diesels, plus I installed several Biosol Homa Bio-Fertilization systems, which I had learned from Dr Gloria Guzman. When I returned to Florida and “the daily grind” in November, this time things were much different. I was very different. I was not so angry or confused and I had absolutely no desire for any substance other than the one I created through the HOMA fires.”

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