Marisol Pesantes | Gallstones

Marisol Pesantes
Carabayllo Primary Care Center EsSalud Paul Nogier
Complementary Medicine Service
Carabayllo, North Lima, Peru, South America

  I came first to the Homa Therapy sessions because of my son, who was very shy. When he had to do presentations at school he did not do very well. But, when he started coming to the Homa Therapy sessions with Dr. Torres and taking Agnihotra ash, he started to explain well, getting good grades and associate well with his peers. Now he is very well and he has lost all that fear.

  Regarding myself, when I came to this hospital, the doctors detected that I had problems with gallstones. That was in February and so I was scheduled to have surgery in October.
  Meanwhile, I started coming to Agnihotra and taking Agnihotra ash. When I went to the hospital in October for the planned operation, they told me they were going to do one last ultrasound to see how much the stones had grown. They did the ultrasound, but found nothing.
  Then they said to me: “Ma’am, your gallbladder is fine, we found no stones.”
  I was surprised and thought that they did not want to operate on me for lack of their time. So, I went to another polyclinic and I had another ultrasound scan and it was confirmed that I had no stones and that I was fine. I had taken Agnihotra ash from February to October and also took a little care of my diet.
  It’s been 2 years now and I have no pain, no colic, nothing.
  (Photo: Marisol Pesantes)

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