Leandro Acosta | Anxiety, Broken Bones

Leandro Acosta
EsSalud State Policlinic
Carabayllo, Lima North, Peru

     "I am 17 years old. Before Homa Therapy my life was messy and everything was more difficult. There were always problems and hardships, not only in my life, but also in the life of my family.
Since I started Homa Therapy, everything has changed. It was 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. This came so suddenly and from nowhere. My mom arranged an appointment with Doctor Jorge Torres and he gave me the Agnihotra ash.(Photo: Leandro Acosta)

     At first, I thought he wanted to drug me, because I was in very bad shape. But then, because he also took the Agnihotra ash, I trusted him. Since that time, I am taking Agnihotra ash and my life changed radically. Since I started coming to the Homa session, my family has also improved a lot. Now, even though there are some problems, we are still fine.
   6 months ago, I fractured my shoulder. I was going to be operated on, but the cost was roughly 1,200 Soles (approx. US$400). That was too much for my family. So I just rubbed on the Agnihotra ash with ghee. One night, on the seventh day, while moving the shoulder, there was a sound and the weirdest thing I had felt in my life happened:– the shoulder returned to normal! From one moment to the next!
  When this happened, my family said "wow". We all were surprised and they took me to Traumatology. The doctor asked, "What have you done? Have you gone to a bonesetter or did you do some witchcraft?” So I told him about the Agnihotra ash cream and he then said: "You no longer need to be operated on. You’re fine."
    Then later, I fractured the tibia and fibula. I had surgery but my recovery was very fast. I was told I would be able to walk in 8 or 9 months, but in four months I could already walk and also left the crutches aside. I applied the Agnihotra ash with ghee every day and had great faith. The doctor was amazed and asked me: "What are you eating?" Because I should still be walking with crutches and limping. But as you can see, I can even run. I give thanks to God who has brought me here."

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