Benigno Antonio Izquierdo Montalván | Diabetes, Knee Pain, Obstructed Prostate

Benigno Antonio Izquierdo Montalván
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru
"I am 78 years of age. I am suffering from diabetes since a long time and for five years from arthritic and rheumatic pain in my knees. I also have an obstructed prostate and I was about to have surgery.  
My son Lucho (Mayor of Bagua Grande) invited me to participate in Homa Therapy in the city hall and since then I have not stopped coming, except when I travel for a few days. Now, I can climb the stairs and walk very well.

Before, I had to hang on to the railing in order to be able to climb up the stairs. Now, my prostate is also much better. Before, I got up three or four times at night. Now, I get up only once. In addition, Homa Therapy helps me to control the Diabetes. I am doing Agnihotra and taking its ash.
Something I want to add is that my temperament has improved almost 100%.
 I am now very peaceful."

(Photo: Mr. Benigno Izquierdo and his daughter Luisa practicing Agnihotra in the auditorium of the City Hall of Bagua Grande.)

Luisa Izquierdo Turkovsky
Daughter of Mr. Benigno Antonio
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru

         "I have seen in my dad noticeable changes.  Before Homa Therapy I saw him very depressed and sad. Maybe due to his pain. But now, I see him more enthusiastic, more recovered.
Through the invitation of my dad, I also came to the Homa Therapy sessions. I attend them since one week. I suffered from insomnia, I had trouble sleeping at night.

I got up at two in the morning and turned around in my bed. I could not sleep. Now I’m doing Agnihotra and my sleep has improved a lot. I’m really happy because I’m sleeping very well, very pleasant. More so, sometimes I even oversleep a little. This sleep is restful and revitalizing, as one expects and I am very happy. Of course, I am also taking Agnihotra ash.
At first, I was reluctant towards Homa Therapy, but I came here and checked it out personally and I now have already enjoyed its benefits."

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