Karen Webb’s Healing

Virginia, USA


“Two days after having a root canal treatment, I woke up before 4 a.m. with a thundering headache, and was nearly unable to open the right eye. In addition to performing Agnihotra twice daily and daily ingestion of Agnihotra healing ash before most meals, I added the recommended dosage of an over-the-counter allergy and sinus medication, thinking I might be having an allergic reaction to mold from working in the basement a lot, packing boxes.”

“This medication didn’t seem to help at all, and I called the dentist’s office, asking for advice, thinking perhaps I might have an infection at the site of the root canal. The dentist suggested I start taking a broad spectrum antibiotic, but this medication didn’t help either. In fact, the vision on the right eye became blurry, and I was seeing double, unable to drive a car. Luckily, my son from Baltimore, MD, came to help me, and he strongly felt I should go to an urgent care facility in Charlottesville.
Being in the city, I was now able to take taxis to drive me to this eye specialist and that one, before being taken to a hospital where an M.R.I (magnetic resonance imagery) confirmed a 2 cm tumor behind the right eye, where the blood vessels and nerves come together. The ophthalmologist was very baffled, and suggested I go for a second opinion, telling me that were she to operate, it was considered major surgery, and she might accidentally do damage to the muscles around the eye and to the optic nerve, causing a loss of vision.
At about this time, I received an invitation to come to Houston, Texas, to participate in 11 days of Rudra Yagnya. While in Houston, I heard from a friend that she had used Agnihotra eye drops successfully to help clear up an eye problem her mother had had, and I decided to start preparing Agnihotra eye drops daily, following the instructions in “HOMA Therapy, The Ancient Science of Healing” by Monika Koch. After making and using these drops, one into the corner of the right eye, and one rubbed into the skin beneath the eye, a recent M.R.I. has now confirmed, the tumor behind the right eye has disappeared.”

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