Jann Lindow | Plantar Wart

Jann Lindow
Fairfield, Iowa, North America
Plantar Wart,  
Long Time Problem – Overnight Solution

John Freeberg, a longtime friend, had suffered from a plantar wart on the ball of his foot. For nearly a year, when he first walked in the morning, he experienced a piercing pain caused by this wart. In addition, the skin in which the wart was embedded had become thick and stiff. He then heard of the value of Agnihotra ash for relief of skin conditions.

He made a salve of ash and ghee, putting a dab on the wart before bed and covering with a band aid.

When John walked the next morning, the pain that he had experienced for the many months was completely gone. He continued with the salve for several more days to find that the skin in the area of the wart had become pliable.

    John has used Agnihotra ash in the garden for several years. He soaks seeds is ash water and sprinkles ash on the soil. He has found the relationships of the animals on the farmstead has become noticeably more harmonious. His experience with his wart condition has opened for him a new way to employ ash for the improvement of life. He talks about getting cows and making dung cakes for his practice of the Homa fires.

 (Photo: John already got his cows, who also receive Agnihotra ash.)

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