Eva Franko | Leg Pain, Varicose Veins

Eva Franko
Asunción, Paraguay, South America
My problem was that I couldn’t sit well due to the pain in my right leg. My leg was all hard and swollen, three times the normal size, and I could not wear my shoe.

        But, only after 3 weeks with the Healing Fires of Homa Therapy, taking the Agnihotra ash daily and rubbing it mixed with ghee on my leg, I can put my jeans on again. My shoes fit and I feel great.

      My varicose veins have also improved a lot. They were very swollen and looked like they were going to explode.
My blood pressure also improved. Everything, everything got better. Only with the healing Homa fires everything is better.

(Photo: Eva Franko giving her testimony.)

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