Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind

By Barry Rathner, Clinical Psychologist


Grace is a word used often on the Divine Path that is not easily understood or even defined. Wikipedia says that in Christianity, Divine Grace means a “favour of God for mankind. God favours every person without looking at what they did.”

In Vedic teachings, I feel there is more of a direct relation to how much Grace we attract, not just are entitled to. It is a slight bending of the Law of Karma, related to our actions.

As an example, if my destiny is such that I was to have a car accident today, Grace might turn a serious situation into a fender bender. Or a destined broken finger might otherwise become a sore finger.

In a nutshell, effort attracts Grace. Intense effort attracts more intense and immediate Grace. As Shree Vasant said in a recent Guidance, "Effort, effort, effort–Grace, Grace, Grace."

Or as Shree Vasant writes in, “Light Towards Divine Path”, “You are the planter of the seed and you are the reaper of the deed. You make or mar your own future. Any intense Karma, good or bad, fructifies within short time. Devotion to a high Master who has transcended the law of Karma and following his commands is intense good Karma.”

Service is an interesting consideration. We endeavour to serve others. At the same time, benefits accrue to ourselves—emotionally and perhaps in other ways.

That non-attachment is an important element in service is undeniable. Perhaps attachment will be dealt with in a future article.

The Fivefold Path in general and the Homa Psychotherapy Mind Training Program give frameworks for inculcating a life of purpose, satisfaction and serenity. It is a simple program, but not easy.

Once we dive into it, we can no longer plead ignorance. It is a matter of simply doing what we know should be done and abstaining from behaviours we know to be inconsistent.

This lifestyle may have less of the exciting, titillating moments our erstwhile lives may have had, and this may take some getting used to.

But what unfolds in its place is a lifestyle based on service and surrender. Ultimately, our view of this, unsoiled by the veils of illusion, gets us closer and closer to the Divine. It is beautiful to behold and to experience.

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