Homa Fires Daily, an Important Support for Me

Luis Alfonso Cuerva Gomes
Real, Spain, Europe

I practice the Homa fires daily. They are a very important part of my life in which nothing has been easy, but these blessed Agnihotra fires are a very important support for me.
It is impressive how every time I do the Homa fires, a multitude of pigeons, turtle doves and various birds gather in the pines around the house.

It is as if they come to breathe fresh and clean air, because also in this area, we are being mega fumigated. When I am alone, many of the birds tend to flutter very close to me and the pyramid. At the moments of chanting the Mantras everyone is silent, for a few minutes as in a perennial silence.
   In addition to the birds, I have two dogs and a score of cats that I take care of outside the chalet. They come with health problems which I alleviate with the fires and the resulting Agnihotra healing ash that I put in their water and in their food, plus other herbs that I use to help them.
Let me tell you, if it weren’t for the peace and tranquility that these blessed Homa fires give me, my daily routine would be much more difficult. I thank the Almighty for Homa Therapy.
(Photos: Mr. Luis Alfonso giving ashes to the cats and in front of Agnihotra.

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