Hilda Portocarrero’s Story

Piura, Peru
South America

kidney failure
loss of appetite

“I am 62 years old. I came to Homa Therapy with a deep depression; I felt that I was dying. I saw everything dark. I could not sleep and had no appetite. But from day one with Homa Therapy, I felt better and I began to sleep well.”

“I have been suffering with chronic kidney failure for 12 years. I dialyze peritoneally 4 times daily. I did not urinate for 6 months. When I started Homa, suddenly I started to urinate again and now I’m peeing all the time.”

“At the beginning, I was brought by 2 people to Homa Therapy in the Hospital Reategui, because I could not walk and I was afraid to leave the house. Now, I walk well and sometimes I come alone. From the beginning, I felt that the fire did me good, I slept very well. I bought my Agnihotra kit and I feel that I’m getting healed.”

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