Dr Luz Estella Cruz’ Story

Armenia, Quindío, Colombia
South America

throat cancer

I’m a bacteriologist and health care professional. This has been my profession for over 30 years. For the last 8 years, I have devoted myself to study bioenergetic medicine with Dr. Lema and other health professionals. I have been practicing this with my friends and relatives.

I have participated in the Agnihotra sessions during the last 8 months in Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’. However, I got my Agnihotra kit just 15 days ago. I’ve been very disciplined with the practice in the ‘Botica de la Abuela.’

What have I noticed? I had a very severe gastritis. I feel much better. I no longer need to take the medicines ‘ranicidina’ and ‘omeprazole’, or anything else. With my Homa Therapy and the ash, I am improving my health.

Before I suffered from gastritis with nauseas and I was constantly burping. Since I do Agnihotra and take its ash, I have stopped taking all the traditional drugs they give you in the Conventional Health Centers.

This has also helped my family, my children. This not only helps you but also your environment and your loved ones. My children are all professionals, healthy and very successful at work. I think Homa Therapy has really helped my family. Also my plants have benefitted, it’s amazing how the plants, who were about to die, did rise again and became beautiful. It is a therapy that helps everyone, the environment and the loved ones.

I want to tell you something else. I have a brother in Spain, who was diagnosed with throat cancer in December. He lost his voice, he had trouble breathing and he had surgery. I knew his story because the doctor sent me his data online. His case was handled by an ENT oncologist and the diagnosis was ‘throat cancer’. From the moment I came to know about his cancer, I started visualizing him with perfect health during the Agnihotra fire. And yesterday’s surprise was that the pathology test was negative. He does not have throat cancer any more. I always thought about him during Homa Therapy. I did this for 2 almost 3 months every day during Agnihotra. This is very encouraging news.

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