Hernan Leon Covarrubias’ Story

Cochiguaz, Chile
South America

accident trauma

“Hernan was run over brutally by a van on the highway and thrown far from the road. This accident happened due to his drug addiction. After having spent l8 days in the hospital, unconscious without remembering his name and without being able to speak, he was rescued by his parents and taken to their home.”

“He was completely disabled, not being able to walk, to speak, to dress, etc. by himself. After one week, the Homa healing fires were begun in the house and that same night his parents awoke afraid because of some noise in the house. But it was their son getting up alone to go to the bathroom.”

“After one week he was walking and he came with his parents to visit us in Cochiguaz. Today he has completely recovered. He is independent and converses normally.”

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