Hans Carlos Carnas Torres’ Story

Villarica, Peru
South America

cigarettes & drug addiction

“I am 33 years old. I have been practicing Homa Therapy for 6 months on a farm called “Union”. The changes I have experienced in my person are many. In the physical aspect I observed that my fingernails are stronger, my hair was always split and now it is like silk, my skin is being healed of acne and the scent of my skin has changed, now it smells like incense, it smells fresh. I bathe every day with Agnihotra ash water and take every day Agnihotra ash.”

“My life before was almost opposite to what is the so called Fivefold Path. I had all the six crocodiles. I lived with all that pride, attachment, envy, anger, greed and lust. It can be said that I was the 6 crocodiles. And by simply doing the Agnihotra fire, my mind has been renewed. The bad things have left, simple as that.”

“I was addicted to alcohol, to drugs and everything you can find in the streets like marijuana, cocaine, paste (for cocaine production) and the combinations that are being offered, the mixed substances. I smoked cigarettes since I was 10 years old. More than 20 years of smoking! With the other drugs I started when I was 14, 15 years old. That means I spent almost 20 years with drugs. I tried many times to leave the drugs, but was not able to. I always returned to them.”

“Now I have been clean for six months. If somebody comes and offers me something, I recommend him like a good friend not to continue with the drugs, because he is harming himself. I do not take anything, not even a glass of beer. In the first two months of starting with Homa Therapy I still took a glass of beer. But now nothing!”

“I also became a vegetarian. I practice all the disciplines I was taught: purification of language, thought purification, purification of the feelings and of my actions. Everything. I am following the Fivefold Path. Why cheat, why lie? I don’t have any reason for that. And this is all happening by itself. This is occurring effortlessly with the Fivefold Path. I am following it. When I sing the Tryambakam Mantra, I feel the vibration in my whole body.”

“I think that this can be achieved and felt by any person. Agnihotra is for everybody. We all are entitled to do this fire. I recommend the addicts to undergo the Homa Therapy Treatment, to test it and to experiment with it. It is necessary to experience it yourself and see the results. One has to experience it.”

“I sleep well and sleep less hours. I sleep 6, 7 hours, but without waking up in between.
The happiness, the love, the peace, all the spiritual principles, I feel them. They have settled within me, without my doing. Peace, Kindness, Love – all those spiritual principles – they have sprouted within me by themselves, that is to say they are revealing themselves inside of me. God is revealing himself through being in love, being in peace, in happiness and that has sprouted within me all by itself. I tell you this happened without any effort. I never knew those spiritual principles.”

“I have been in many music movements, like black metal, metal, the Goths, etc. And not only in music movement, but in clothes, philosophy and other movements. I was in a philosophical Satan movement by free will. But what does one do with his free will? You get drugged, you party all night, have excess sex. And what consequences does that bring? Weakening of the body. That is to say at 30 years of age, your body is wasted. You are ready for the garbage can. It would be good if the body could tolerate this rhythm of life till 50 or 60 years, but it cannot. Then this life of drugs and sex is something where you think, tomorrow I die, so let me take advantage today, something like that. But of what do we take advantage? Destroying life? Of course we destroy it, we don’t take advantage of it. The feeling of happiness is short lasting. Being in drugs the happiness is short lasting. The call of the street is strong, the flashback is hard and is not good for anything, it doesn’t stimulate you; it will stimulate you for a short while. Then the fall and the awakening are worse.”

“Anybody who wants to learn Homa Therapy and heal themselves, can learn it for free. The fire simply purifies all that you put in front of it. I would go anywhere where I could help. Homa Therapy is the Best to get away from drugs because it is effective, if not I would have already left it.”

“I plan to continue with Homa Therapy as long as I can, until the last breath. It is possible that there is a moment when I cannot do it, but I hope somebody will do it for me. The light comes out of you by itself with Agnihotra, you don’t have to force it out. There is no reason to force anything. Alone it springs forth. For example those spiritual principles of love, peace – I didn’t know anything of that – not of happiness, not of joy or kindness, or anything like that. It has sprouted within me by itself. Unintentionally. I really do not recognize myself, there has been this change – practically everybody who knows me and has come to visit me has noticed the change, that I am well. Physically I am well and I have other habits. I no longer have destructive habits. The low self esteem is a very destructive habit, which many people practice, many times unconsciously, but I am well now. I continue with the fires and know that everything comes by itself.”

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