Ascension Rojas Baca’s Healing

Piura, Peru
South America

joint pain

“I am 73 years old and I am a sportsman, I am an athlete. On August 11th 2003 I began with Homa Therapy in Piura. The first day I came to the Homa Therapy session in the Hospital Reategui, I truly didn’t understand anything because I was half deaf. The following day, a Tuesday, I understood more or less a little something. The third day I felt in my left ear a sound like “clack” and like “shhhh” and from that moment on my hearing is much better.”

“The reason why I participated in Homa Therapy was my suffering from insomnia and asthma. The fourth day practicing Homa Therapy I had an asthma attack during the training. I returned immediately to the facilitator who is in charge of the Homa Therapy teaching in the Hospital and he told me that there are sometimes reactions in the beginning, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes pain. So I returned the following day again to the Homa Therapy, feeling already better. On Friday I had another asthma attack, I could not not even run a block. But already the following day I was running 10 kilometers like nothing had ever happened.”

“I suffered from pains in both elbows, I felt like my fingers were shrinking and they hurt when I had to carry some weight. This problem also disappeared with the Homa Therapy. On the sixth day with Homa Therapy I felt that nothing hurt any longer. And I continued with my sport. My elbows and knees were better and I had no longer headaches.”

“When I completed 14 days of participating in the healing fires and taking the Agnihotra ash, a championship here in Lima (Videna) came up. When I arrived on Saturday it was raining. I, who had always suffered of bronchitis, said: How am I going to run in this rain? But at 9 in the morning I was told to go to the training track and heat up the body. There were nine people of my category. I was afraid of running in the rain and I told myself that now I will ruin my health. But since we were called, I just began to run, run and run. Previously the brother in Piura had told me: at the hour you run, in order to have enough strength repeat the Mantra “Om Shree, Om Shree, Om Shree” and so I was running with Om Shree, Om Shree, Om Shree… And I completed the 5000 meters race in 25 minutes. The previous winner had done it in 29 minutes, so I was 4 minutes faster with that power I felt.”

“Then in the afternoon there was the 800 and 400 meters race. When I was running the 800 meters, I felt a pull in my thigh and held back a little, but still I made third place. I was somehow concerned because the race of 4 x 400 meters would begin in one hour. 4 x 400 means more speed. I had taken the Agnihotra ash in the morning and at noon. I grabbed some more Agnihotra ash with water and began to rub my leg, I thought just in case…”

“After one hour the race started, I was free of pain and I won the 4×400 meters! I had won the 5000 meters and in the 800 meter race I achieved third place! Well it was time to go home. I was concerned that I would get cramps at night, because my whole life after returning from races I had cramps, cramps, cramps. But I didn’t get any cramps. The whole night without any cramp.”

“The following day there was another race. I ran the two races in my category and I won both of them. At noon we had to say goodbye and I told my children that I wanted to go back to Piura. But they asked me not to go, they said that I will be screaming with cramps in the bus, as it always happened. But again I did not have any cramps. My wife said: ‘Every time you return from Lima you come with bronchitis, but now you are fine.’ I confirmed that I feel well and told her that I am no longer using the medications because they obstructed my breathing. Now I feel fine and have absolutely nothing.”

“Homa Therapy healed my pain in the elbows, in the fingers, in the knees, my headaches and my deafness.”

“Then on December 31st every year we run 10 kilometers and I also won in my category.
A clinic gave me a gift certificate saying that they want to do a complete check up. They did all the analyses and sent me to another clinic for an electrocardiogram. They put a lot of apparatuses on my legs, arms, and everywhere. The young lady nurse didn’t understand the results, so the doctor looked at them and said: ‘your heart is like that of a 25 year old.’ I asked: ‘Am I well doctor?’ ‘Very well!’ he said and gave me a big hug and later on he told me that all these tests are done out of courtesy and that he will attend to me and do more tests. Now I have come again to Lima, yesterday I arrived from Piura. I think that all these good results are because of the Agnihotra healing fires and the Agnihotra ash that I have been taking from August on and I will continue taking.”

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