Elsa Leonor Marin Pedraza’s Story

Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
South America

lung problems

“I add this healing Agnihotra ash to everything, whether it is beans, rice, coffee, chocolate, etc. I have been doing this for the last 6 months.”

“My daughter Laura Sophia, 13 years old, had lung problems. When she was too active, it was hard for her to breathe. Now she feels better, she can run and she is fine.”

“My daughter Maria Alejandra was very aggressive. One could not tell her anything because she immediately answered with two stones in her hands. She is 11 years old. Now she is manageable.”

“My daughter Marisol is a girl who was too attached to me. She could not be by herself anywhere. If I left her alone longer than usual, she would search for me. She is 9 years old.”

“My daughter Maria Juliana is the oldest; she will be 18 years old soon. She was too temperamental. If I would say anything to her, she would get upset and talk back angrily. Now she doesn’t. Now I talk to her and if I am correct, she looks down and says ‘Yes Mommy, you’re right, I know I made a mistake and I should fix it’ and she is calm.”

Photo (above) shows Mrs. Elsa doing Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’ and (below) during the Homa Festival at the SENA Institute in Armenia with her 4 lovely daughters.

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