Aurelis | Autism

Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
South America


Luz Mery Mora’s Testimony:
After 8 days:
“I work in the Foundation ‘Paths of Life for Peace.” I’ve been bringing some children to the Agnihotra healing sessions at the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela” (Grandma’s pharmacy) for the last days and I also started practicing Agnihotra myself. For 3 days, I brought Aurelis (23 years old), who suffers from severe autism. She occasionally has very strong crisis, especially when someone touches her. Today something very special happened and I called her mother right away. Aurelis does not consent to be touched for she immediately goes into crisis. That is one of the characteristics of some autistic children.”
“And today, the same child, who usually brings her into crisis when he tries to play with her, was sitting on her lap, when I arrived. They were playing together and they were laughing. There was no crisis and no anguish.

When she gets into crisis, not even a strong man can handle her. She produces a lot of adrenaline. She is 23 years old and has this problem since birth. She was born in Poland. I have been working with her for the last 4 years. I have seen these changes after she participated 2 times in the Agnihotra fires and took the ash. The first time I noticed that she was very happy and laughed without stopping. The second time she was more quiet and receptive and she could play with that child without getting into crisis. I think that is a great progress.”

Photo: Mrs Luz Mery participating with some of the children in the Agnihotra session at the Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’

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  1. Hello
    Could you please tell us if agnihotra completely cures any autistic childern. How much time it takes to see this? How is the progress of the childern given here.
    Hoemuch amount of ash is recommendable for kids with autism.
    Phani Kiran

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