Elisa Zamora’s Healing

Guayaquil, Ecuador
South America

rheumatoid arthritis

“One month after the birth of my baby, my joint problems started. The joints hurt a lot. I went to a doctor who gave me some medication. After two days of taking this medication, I had no more breast milk to feed my baby. He was two months old. Still, I continued the treatment but I did not feel any improvement. At that time, my hands were very swollen, and they hurt a lot and I could not lift my arms. The diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis.”

“At that time, I was 28 years old. I had no mobility in my hands, they were red, swollen and deformed. I came to a state where I no longer could get up, much less take care of my little baby. My husband had to carry me to the bathroom. The specialists told me that this disease was irreversible and even with the prescribed cortico-steroids my joints were swollen and I got worse.”

“By the grace of God, I came to Dr. Montufar and with the Homa Therapy and everything he recommended I got well. I am completely healthy.”

“Basically, the treatment was Homa Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, taking chlorophyll, applying the Agnihotra ash cream and oral consumption of the Agnihotra ash. We, my husband and I, practice Agnihotra. He was also cured from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with Homa Therapy. Now I am 32 years old and we are all healthy, my husband, our son and me.”

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