Efrain Granado’s Story

Santa Marta, Colombia
South America


“I am 42 years old. In September 2010 I got a very high fever (it reached 41.4 degrees Celsius), which would not go away. After being like this for 8 days, I was taken to the hospital. After another 8 days, I was diagnosed with ‘Leptospirosis’. This is a disease which is produced by the urine of rats. It is a disease, which is very difficult to treat, can be very aggressive and fatal. The doctors did not detect it on time and so I had problems with my gallbladder, liver, kidney, lungs, pancreas and eyes.”

“The treatment was initiated with antibiotics and gave no result. They switched the type of antibiotics 4 times due to the aggressiveness of the disease. The fever would come down and go up again and again. I almost ended up in ICU (Intensive care unit), because I was lacking some oxygen.”

“After being hospitalized for 29 days with fever, Dr. Jose Piedrahita phoned me and told me he had come to know about Homa Therapy and he was sending me some Agnihotra ash. He told me to take the Agnihotra ash in juice or water at least 4 times a day. I was reluctant and very incredulous, but I did it anyway. After 2 days of taking the Agnihotra ash 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) the fever disappeared. From this moment onwards, my improvement continued.”

“I had come to the clinic with 110 kilos, and I came out with 81 kilos. I lost too much weight. Thanks God, I got my weight back and my life is completely normal. I practice Homa Therapy and eat the Agnihotra ash.”

“Besides the physical changes and changes in my health, Homa Therapy has brought prosperity into my life. I mean prosperity on the moral, economic, material and intellectual level. My mind is clearer and more objective. I reduced my alcohol consumption 90%. All this is due to God´s Grace and Homa Therapy. ”

(Photo right: Agnihotra at the Homa Center in Santa Marta, which is under the direction of the Carreno family)

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