Celso Vasquez Perez | Diabetes

Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America

Celso Vasquez Perez is 78 years old (photo right). 15 years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes at the Jaen General Hospital. His glucose level was 365. Gradually, he began to feel numbness in the toes and his hands were getting colder. At the same time, he had problems in the gums and with his teeth. He lost all his teeth.

Three years ago his eyesight became weak. First, with the left eye he could only see a black spot, then the other eye got affected. Even though he is the owner of a printing press, he did not want to work. One year ago, his hands began to tremble and the numbness in his hands and feet began to spread to the rest of his extremities.

So, he started wearing double sets of pants and socks. The toes started to get stiff and the little toe of his left foot began to bleed black blood with bad odor. Also, on the right foot, he had a wound that did not heal. He started Homa Therapy on August 28th, 2011. Since then, he has been taking Agnihotra ash before and after each meal (6 times a day).

Now, he does not have any numbness in the legs and he wears only one pair of socks and one pair of pants. He can move his extremities, toes and fingers easily and his hands no longer tremble. He also is recovering his eyesight. After the 2nd day of Homa Therapy, he started sleeping well. Before he used to get up 7 to 8 times in the night to urinate; now he wakes up just once.

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