Dr. Manuel Pulido Barzola | Prostate Sarcoma

Dr. Manuel Pulido Barzola
Homa Medical Centre El Buen Pastor of Dr. Jaime Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

       I am 73 years old. My profession is Veterinary Doctor. For 35 years I have been in the university teaching in the area of pathology.
I am a pathologist. I have a master’s degree and doctorate in Pathology.
     22 months ago, I was diagnosed with a prostate sarcoma in situ and was immediately operated on. A prostate sarcoma in situ means a cancer located only in the prostate.

Photo: Dr. Manuel Pulido doing Agnihotra at the Homa Medical Clinic, El Buen Pastor, accompanied by his wife Marina.

     It was radically removed, that is, by opening the abdomen to verify it visually, directly and not with camcorders. Because it can also be done by laparoscopy, with laser beams and in 24 hours, one can leave the hospital. But I was hospitalized for 15 days. The first 7 months, they just watched me. Then I have been treated with hormonal injections for the past 15 months. With this treatment, I was sweating and had body aches in addition to bad temper.
My wife heard Dr. Montufar in a radio interview done at the Catholic University. Now I have 45 days with the Homa treatment. The most interesting thing for me was that, when I sat in front of the fire, there was not only heat and sweat, but in a different way. I noticed in the fire the color changes of blue and green flames and I began to feel that they penetrated me and I began to feel God. Before, I only thought in terms of medical books, I never thought of God.

   I drink some water with Agnihotra ash every 2 hours. Once a month, I still receive the injection, but I have no longer the reaction. I am no more struggling between classical medicine and Homa Therapy, which I feel is handled by God. Now I have more patience and more peace of mind.
His wife, Luz Marina Herrera, adds:

     In one week, with the practice of Agnihotra, all his physical discomfort, his bad temper, annoyance, irritability and depression changed. All negative symptoms disappeared, which were the result of the hormone injection therapy. At home, everyone began to realize this, also the change of his skin color. He started talking, his physiognomy and everything changed. In 8 days, he began to wake up. I’m very happy.

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