Diego Lastro Rendón | Prostate Cancer

Prof. Diego Lastra Rendón from Esmeraldas, Ecuador shares his story:
      The prostate tumor markers or PSA were 270 in 2016 (normal is from 0 to 4). I received radiotherapy in 2018 and the values went down to zero.

Photos: Mr. Diego Lastro Rendón practicing Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa in the company of his wife and Mrs. Sofía de Batioja, with whom he learned about Homa Therapy.

But in the beginning of 2019, the tumor markers began to rise again. Every three months, I was tested and each exam showed that they climbed at a tremendous speed. I told the doctor to do me the favor of sending me medicines, but he told me that it was not necessary, since he had made the decision to operate me in 2020.
That was when Mrs. Sofia Batioja arrived with Homa Therapy at our house. Thanks to her and to all who practice Homa Therapy, today I feel very happy and with much joy and satisfaction I must inform you that the tumor markers are going down.

The doctor is surprised, because he knows that he has not given me medication, because the plan was to have surgery. The surprised doctor asked me what I had done? I said "Doctor, it is thanks to Homa Therapy that my tumor levels are going down."
Thanks to everyone for how much you have done for my health, thanks also from my family.
Om Shrii Om

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