Dermadín Tapia Zamorra | Aneurysm

Dermadín Tapia Zamorra
EsSalud University Clinic Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru, South America

       "I am 38 years old. At the age of 36, I suffered from an aneurysm, which left me helpless in bed; I could not even talk, nothing. Then I was operated 2 times on the head. With the help of God, I’m alive. This disease had left me speechless and unable to read, nothing. I was at zero.

Every day, I had severe headaches and did not know what to do; I was living in stress, unable to work and unable to speak. Thanks to Dr. Jorge Torres, who invited me to participate in the talk given by Prof. Abel, I stayed that day in March 2014. From there onwards, I take the Agnihotra ash and I have never taken a pill again.
      My improvement has been favorable for speaking, vocalizing words and I’m fine. Thanks to Homa Therapy I have recovered quickly. I’m speaking and I can move normally. I’m practicing Homa Therapy at home. Also, I’m working! The Homa Fires have given me luck, because I started a business in my home with my family. I am very grateful."
(Photo: Mr. Dermadín giving his testimony at the clinic.)

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