Dr. Lourdes Benavente | Hypothyroidism

Dr. Lourdes Benavente
Hospital EsSalud Marino Molina SCIPPA
Comas, Lima, Peru, South America

                    I’ve had the problem of hair loss for a long time. I used to have very long hair, almost down to my waist. But then I got worried to lose more and I cut them off. I had continuous treatments with the dermatologist, who gave me different prescriptions, but they did not solve my problem.
       I also suffer from "hypothyroidism" and hair loss is one of the consequences.

        Then I began to participate in the Homa Therapy with Christian Alvaro Vasquez and I had the idea to add Agnihotra ash to my shampoo.

Then I could really see how my hair loss stopped.
I have a sister, who also had the same problem, and I gave her also a little bit of Agnihotra ash. She told me that after using it 2 times, her hair loss had stopped. This did not happen with me; It took my about a month. And I asked her how she had used the Agnihotra ash. She had put a little bit of ash in her hand and then added the shampoo, while I had put 2 teaspoons in the shampoo bottle in order to save some of this Agnihotra ash."
(Photo: Dr. Lourdes giving her testimony at the Hospital EsSalud in Comas.)

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