Daniela Carolina Calderón | Emotional Sensitivity

Daniela Carolina Calderón
EsSalud Paul Nogier Primary Care Center
Complementary Medicine Service
Carabayllo, North Lima, Peru, South America

     I’m 14. I came to Dr. Torres due to some problems I have at school. There I was referred to psychology. I was in 3 or 4 therapies with him, when the Doctor invited us to Homa Therapy, because that was going to help us. So, with my mom we started to come.

I was too shy to speak in front of people. I’m not the one who likes to do presentations and science exhibitions in front of the classroom or at school.
I was super quiet in the class room. I screamed a lot and got mad very quickly. I am emotionally too sensitive. For two years, I have been crying a lot about anything. Anything made me explode.
    After I started  drinking the water with Agnihotra ash, I was able to talk to more people.
I can deal with more people and I improved in my studies a lot. I started to go up in my grades, so to speak from 12 to 15 on an average. And I started to focus a little better, to memorize better and to be able to do presentations.
Before, I did not communicate with my family, I only spoke with my friends. Now I talk more with my mom, with my cousin. I can expand and express myself better because I have more confidence and I feel more secure.
(Photo: Daniela with Dr. Jorge Torres, in the background.)

Her mother, Mercedes Calderon, confirms:

My daughter is more communicative, more confident and her mood has changed. Before, she was sad and had sudden mood changes.
Now she is happier. She is calmer. She is at ease. And she is more responsible.

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