Agnihotra and Coronavirus


By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agnihotra and Coronovirus

Corona Virus – How can Agnihotra Help?

The problems caused by a worldwide infection of people by this novel coronavirus SARS- CoV2 affect everybody. Of course we all should follow the rules of at least slowing down the spreading of this virus, like social distancing, washing hands often, etc.
What else can we do?
Traditional Vedic Agnihotra is said to purify the atmosphere.
As this virus occured only recently, we do not have much evidence yet and no scientific study on coronavirus.
Still there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence which makes it plausible that Agnihotra can help in different ways to overcome the coronavirus crisis.
Agnihotra could help in three different ways:
1) Reducing the probability of getting infected.
2) Reducing preexisting conditions thus leading to a less severe course of Covid-19.
3) Supporting the body to overcome the infection.

Download this 16 page investigation: Agnihotra and Corona.pdf

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