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Ravi Lad
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Namaste, Greetings.
I am 63 years old and I had suffered a major attack of Herpes Zoster in 2015 in my left leg. It was detected very late, therefore the intensity was very, very high. The nerves from the lower back to the middle toe, ring toe and the little toe of the left leg were damaged, making the toes and the foot hyper-sensitive and numb.
I went to my physician and started my treatment. I went in fact to three physicians, two in neurocare centers and my family physician as well. I was prescribed 9 different medicines and when I went to the other doctor, he prescribed me more medication. For 5 years I was going through a terrible period and there used to be great pain in the left leg from the knee down. It was hypersensitive.

(Photo: Ravi Lad)

       Recently the area around the little toe and the right foot started paining so much that it was unbearable and I had to literally limb; it was difficult to walk. Since availability of physicians in this ongoing pandemic is extremely difficult and exposing myself to the risk of venturing out to find a doctor is risky, I decided to try out the Agnihotra ash medicine. I had learned Agnihotra through Mr. Vinayak Lokur and I have been a regular Agnihotra performer since the last three years, but had never used the Agnihotra ash.
With the video available in internet from pharmacist Monika Koch, I prepared the ointment with the Agnihotra Ash and pure cows’ ghee and applied it thrice daily for two days on the affected area.
   The pain disappeared on the next day itself! Now I have no pain and I am sure that the numbness with also leave with the regular application of this Agnihotra ash medicine.
I do not take any more medications. For all problems like back pain, etc. we use Agnihotra ash medicines now. I am sure this Agnihotra ash medicine has really played a miracle on me. I do not know the science behind it, but it has worked on me.

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