Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero | COVID19, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cirrhosis

(Foto: Carla Díaz)

 Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero
Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America
I am 39 years old. I want to share with you a testimony about my 69-year-old mother. We took my mother, for reasons of corona virus prevention, to my sister’s house, because she handled the protection protocol better.
My mother is a vulnerable patient due to her age, her pulmonary fibrosis and her liver cirrhosis.

Recently my sister had a little fever and malaise.  So she went to do a COVID test for prevention. She turned out to be positive, but they couldn’t tell her, if she was in the final stage of this infection. Then another test was done to get more information about the status of the virus and thank God, the results came back negative. That meant that the corona virus had been in my sister’s body, but she had already overcome the infection.
   We were tremendously surprised because my sister had been infected with the virus and she lives with my mother, who was not harmed at all, nothing, nothing. With all the history of physical problems my mom has, she should have manifested the COVID symptoms. I am excited to tell you this, because this is definitely due to the Agnihotra ash that she is taking every day. She takes it since late March, three to four times a day.
    Then my sister called me saying that thanks to the fact that our mother is taking Agnihotra ash, she is alive. Because if mother would had gotten the virus, she would already be dead. Let’s remember that she has pulmonary fibrosis, which by itself causes difficulty in breathing. But my mom hasn’t been affected at all. I have the test results.
     My mom usually has been taking 5 pills a day, but since the day she started taking the Agnihotra ash, she has not taken any of the pills, neither for cirrhosis and not for fibrosis. The only thing she takes is lactulose for digestion, but not medication.
When my mom started taking Agnihotra ash, the first reaction was an improvement in her sleep. Before she could not sleep; she was restless. She got up several times for, she could not sleep. Now, she sleeps her 8 hours. She is very well.
My sister did not take the Agnihotra ash, but she called me saying that she also wanted to start taking it and now she is taking it. She says that this was the only effect that protected our mother from death, because it was the only thing she took.
       My father, Cesar Diaz, is 74 years old and is a very active person; he works in his motorcycle taxi from 4.30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. I personally prepare for him every day a bottle of water with plenty of Agnihotra ash. He, once on the street, often shakes it and takes it. And he has no flu, no cough, nothing, nothing. He is healthy and very well.

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