Anabel Yovera Monteza | Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Anabel Yovera Monteza
Jaén, Peru, South America

   I am the mother of Joe Mateo Llatas Yovera, 9 years of age. Today I want to share with you our beautiful experience of practicing Homa Therapy.
  In November 2020, our son became very ill to the point that he had to be hospitalized. Doctors told us that he had multiple lymph nodes swollen and that his diagnosis was likely Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We had to bring him to the city of Lima. We live in Jaén, and the doctors couldn’t do anything further here.
(Photo: Mateo practicing Agnihotra with his mother Anabel and his father Joel.)

                In November, our son was hospitalized, with fever, night sweats, with very low hemoglobin levels, and no appetite at all. Doctors have been doing a series of studies and analyses. A bone marrow aspirate was performed, and they have not been able to find his strange disease.
            It was in March of this year, that thanks to the friendship we have with Eng. Luis Tafur, he told us all about Homa Therapy, and the improvements that can be obtained in health, in aspects of life in general, on the soul level. He invited us to participate in Agnihotra, and we thank him infinitely that he has taken the time to come to our home for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra, in order to harmonize the health of our child and our entire family.
        My son, in the two months of constant practice of Homa Therapy, has had many improvements in his health. His night sweats are gone. He eats more.   He is more harmonious. And I also like to emphasize that, at his school, the teacher recently congratulated us for his good grades, for the attention he pays in class, and told us that he no longer is distracted like it happened before.
    He is a more smiling, a more cheerful child. How not to be happy if day by day we see the benefits of the practice of Homa Therapy fires.

In his last blood count, which was in April, he had 11.9 and the doctors in Lima told us that this is a very encouraging improvement. This gives us faith and hope that thanks to the perseverance of doing Agnihotra, my son will continue his recovery.
With much affection, I share this experience with you, wishing with all my heart that we all may continue on this path of physical and spiritual improvement with Homa Therapy. Thank you!

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