Dr. Nilsa Noemi Ibarrola Arce | Knee Pain, Leg Cramps

Dr. Nilsa Noemi Ibarrola Arce
Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo, Paraguay

    With the practice of the fires of Homa Therapy I feel calmer, happier. Today, while I was attending patients, I realized that there were problems that I am no longer looking as problems and they have been resolved. A patient came troubled and left relieved. And that is thanks to a happier, calmer and more harmonious environment.

I am taking Agnihotra ash every day 3 times and I am experiencing that the pain in the knee is improving and the cramps in my legs are less.
(Photo: Dr. Nilsa Ibarrola, Endocrinologist, along with her husband, Naturopathic Doctor, Joaquin Echagüe, during their first practice of Agnihotra in their office.)

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