Norma Berta Krause | Osteoarthritis, Insect Bite

Norma Berta Krause
Posadas, Argentina, South America

   I came to Homa Therapy because I suffer from osteoarthritis. It started in my feet and knees. Lately it also started on my shoulder, which worried me a lot, because I thought it might advance to the spine.

On the second day of practicing Agnihotra, I was in a Tai Chi class which my daughter teaches, and I raised both arms – something that I could not do, because the left shoulder joint did not let me do that. The arm always stayed lower. But my shoulder and arm started working! It caught my attention a lot. I got excited. I moved my arms again and started crying with joy.
    The next day, when I already had my Agnihotra kit, I prepared my suitcase to travel to Brazil, where my other daughter lives. It took 24 hours 40 minutes by bus. I always travel with a cane, because after sitting for a long time, I cannot get up without support. If I need to go down stairs or go to the bathroom, it is impossible without a cane. I always carry it with me in my backpack, it is foldable. But this time I never used it. I could not believe it! I went down and up the stairs without problems, I walked with ease.
   In Brazil, we did Agnihotra. There was some ghee left in the rice dish and we had mixed it with some Agnihotra ash. I had told them that this is also very good for pains or anything.
Then a mother with a 2-year-old girl came to visit. I asked ‘What happened to her face?’ The little girl had an inflammation. The mother said that two weeks ago they had been camping and she was bitten by an insect and that they did not know what it was. The red halo on her face was getting bigger and bigger. The baby fell asleep and the mother went to work. Then my daughter put the ghee mixed with Agnihotra ash on her face. The girl turned around while sleeping and so my daughter applied this cream again. After two hours the mother returned to pick up her child. She said "Look at my baby’s face!" She was very surprised because all the inflammation had disappeared and only a tiny mark of the bite was left. Amazing!

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