Noemi Figueroa | Toothache

Noemi Figueroa
EsSalud Hospital in Ventanilla
Lima, Peru, South America

"I am 44 years old. Last Friday, I came very stressed out to Homa Therapy.
While participating in Agnihotra, I felt a great peace and left relaxed.
I had never eaten the Agnihotra ash before, but that day, I did, because of the horrible pain. I had lost a dental filling 15 days ago and had not had the opportunity to see my dentist.

   There was a big hole, which ached so horribly, that even my head hurt.
My daughter encouraged me to put Agnihotra ash into the hole. And  the horrible pain  disappeared after 10 minutes.
Until today, I am without pain.
I could  truly check out the effectiveness of this Agnihotra ash." 
(Photo: Mrs. Noemi Figueroa)

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