Fidalina Brizuela | Schizophrenia

Fidalina Brizuela
Asunción, Paraguay, South America

       My son’s name is Miguel. He suffers from schizophrenia. He doesn’t have any patience to wait. He just leaves and wants to go home. Then I have to leave quickly with him. I even have a priority attention pass at the hospital for whenever we need to go there, because he gets desperate.  And here in this Homa atmosphere, an incredible thing happens with him. He remains calm!
He himself wants to come for Agnihotra and I see that improvement in him.
(Photo: Mrs. Fidalina Brizuela)

Fidalina Brizuela | Toxic Relationship

Fidalina Brizuela
Asunción, Paraguay, South America

        Last week, I was at Mrs. Brigitte’s house with my sister participating in Agnihotra for the first time. I want to share with you that she has been in a very bad relationship for years, but that she never had the courage to leave. Two days after the first Agnihotra and taking its healing ash, she had the strength and courage to leave. She has been in this toxic relationship for 23 years. Now she is doing very well.

Mandar Kopare | Urticaria (Hives)

Mandar Kopare
Mumbai, India

 On November 11th, 2011, I started practicing Agnihotra with my friend and Reiki teacher, Rakesh Kumar and with Guruji Ajit Telang. Since then I have been practicing Agnihotra. I had a problem of Urticaria (hives) since childhood for about 15 years. Every time I had pitta dosha aggravation, my whole body used to get red, I had inflammation and continuous itching all over my body. So, I had to take the Avil tablet to get rid of it. I had this pitta dosha problem almost all the time.

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Javier Peñafiel | Degenerative Arthritis

Dr. Jaime Montufar
Homa Medical Center El Buen Pastor
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

    We are here with my patient Javier Peñafiel and his wife, Liz. The husband had degenerative arthritis; it just appeared a year ago that he came. He had been with 12 doctors and I was the 13th to serve him. He has made great progress with his health with the constant practice of Homa Therapy. His life has changed completely. Continue reading “Javier Peñafiel | Degenerative Arthritis”

Paula Jaramillo | Vaccine Injury

Psychologist Paula Jaramillo
Armenia, Quindío,
Colombia, South America

       I have 2 daughters, a 17-year-old girl who is studying medicine and a 13-year-old girl. They are Sofia and Sara. They have two puppies. We recently went through an experience with one of the puppies that we took to vaccinate. That night we all slept peacefully. But the next day the puppy could not move, he was crawling only with the front legs. He could not use the back legs. When we saw this reaction, we did not know what to do. Since my daughter went to study, I was in charge and thought, my God, what can I do? I recorded a video at 12:55 noon to show the critical situation of the puppy.

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Diana Paula | Difficult Relationship

Diana Paula
Cali, Valle del Cauca,
Colombia, South America

    I heard about Homa Therapy through my friend Carolina in Cali. Approximately a year and a half ago, we visited BoticaSol in Armenia where I purchased my own Agnihotra kit. I have 4 children. However, my relation with my son was difficult. He will soon be 18 years old. we could not get along for a long time. He did not leave his room, and he talked very little.

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