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Irene García Rodríguez | Sinusitis, Varicose Veins

Irene García Rodríguez
Social Security Hospital (EsSalud) Ventanillas
Lima North, Peru, South America

       "I'm 57 years old. I did an experiment mixing one teaspoon of Agnihotra ash with cold boiled water, which I put in a dropper. Since I suffered from sinusitis, I put a couple of drops into each nostril. The doctor had told me that there was need to place some tubes into my nostrils for drainage because I was not able to breathe.
I applied these Homa drops for 15 days, once a day, mostly before going to bed. Holy remedy! I got completely well.
I did not take any pills or other remedies, only these drops.

Celina Bacaya's Story

Bagua Grande, Amazonas
Peru South America


I am 57 years old. In 2000, I had some health problems and I approached the group of health promoters of Chachapoyas, Amazonas Department. It happened to be at the time when Prof. Abel was teaching Agnihotra there and I participated.

Gladys Guevara's Story

Popayan, Cauca, Colombia
South America


"We came yesterday to the SENA and I brought my 9 year old grandchild, Brian Alexis Flores Guevara, for the Massive Healing with Agnihotra. He suffered from chronic sinusitis for 6 years. He could not sleep and he could not live without the inhalers."

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