Manisha Seenarain | Alcoholism

(Photo: Mrs. Manisha Seenarain, her husband,
their three daughters and mother-in-law
in front of Agnihotra healing fire.)

Mrs. Manisha Seenarain
Notre Dame, Mauritius, Africa

      First of all, I would like to thank Mrs. Shruti and Mr. Janardhun from the bottom of my heart for the light they have brought to our lives in the name of Agnihotra…

     Everything was upside down in my house due to the fact that my husband was deeply dependent on alcohol.

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Agnihotra Causes Instant Reduction in WIFI EMF Radiation in Our Home

Ellen and Mark
Hunter Valley, NSW
I had bought an EMF meter prior because I was suffering intense migraines every day for many years. The radiation levels in our house were between 100 -200 mG (milligauss). I was not a full believer in Agnihotra at this time as I always like to research new ideas and find proof for myself.

We took Agnihotra seriously and performed 2 sunrise and 1 sunset Agnihotra fires in the first few days. Then I tried the EMF digital reader. I was absolutely shocked! It didn’t go higher than 0.003! It gave me goose bumps, I even changed the batteries thinking it was faulty. Mark, my partner, didn’t believe me, till he saw it for himself. To our surprise Agnihotra made the high radiation levels in our house disappear!!

It has been around six months we have been performing Agnihotra. My Chronic migraines have healed completely.

Anabel Yovera Monteza | Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Anabel Yovera Monteza
Jaén, Peru, South America

   I am the mother of Joe Mateo Llatas Yovera, 9 years of age. Today I want to share with you our beautiful experience of practicing Homa Therapy.
  In November 2020, our son became very ill to the point that he had to be hospitalized. Doctors told us that he had multiple lymph nodes swollen and that his diagnosis was likely Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We had to bring him to the city of Lima. We live in Jaén, and the doctors couldn’t do anything further here.
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Asia and Rory’s Homa Herbal Corner – Calendula

(Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is a popular plant found in many herbal and decorative gardens for its joyful orange or yellow flowers and multiple medicinal uses. It is also known as Pot Marigold, but it should not be confused with another Marigold of the Tagetes family, which also has orange flowers and is popular in India and the Americas. Continue reading “Asia and Rory’s Homa Herbal Corner – Calendula”

Sara Bustamante Muñoz | Biliary Atrophy

Sara Bustamante Muñoz
Playas de Vinces, Ecuador, South America

   I am going to tell you something very beautiful and wonderful about Homa Therapy. I have a grandson, Dilan, who is now 3 years old. When he was born up to one month, he was a normal baby. But from the second month onward, he began to show yellow skin and his stool was white. So, we took him to the doctor and all the tests were done and, in the end, the diagnosis was biliary atrophy.
They said the child was born that way with dry bile ducts, dry gallbladder and dry ducts. Then, the baby entered for treatment to the Roberto Gilbert Children’s Hospital in Guayaquil.
There they performed the first operation. But unfortunately, this first operation did not solve the problem. So, the doctors said that he needs a liver transplant. But in Ecuador these transplants are not done for babies, only for adults. Continue reading “Sara Bustamante Muñoz | Biliary Atrophy”