Sara Bustamante Muñoz | Biliary Atrophy

Sara Bustamante Muñoz
Playas de Vinces, Ecuador, South America

   I am going to tell you something very beautiful and wonderful about Homa Therapy. I have a grandson, Dilan, who is now 3 years old. When he was born up to one month, he was a normal baby. But from the second month onward, he began to show yellow skin and his stool was white. So, we took him to the doctor and all the tests were done and, in the end, the diagnosis was biliary atrophy.
They said the child was born that way with dry bile ducts, dry gallbladder and dry ducts. Then, the baby entered for treatment to the Roberto Gilbert Children’s Hospital in Guayaquil.
There they performed the first operation. But unfortunately, this first operation did not solve the problem. So, the doctors said that he needs a liver transplant. But in Ecuador these transplants are not done for babies, only for adults. Continue reading “Sara Bustamante Muñoz | Biliary Atrophy”

Homa Fires Daily, an Important Support for Me

Luis Alfonso Cuerva Gomes
Real, Spain, Europe

I practice the Homa fires daily. They are a very important part of my life in which nothing has been easy, but these blessed Agnihotra fires are a very important support for me.
It is impressive how every time I do the Homa fires, a multitude of pigeons, turtle doves and various birds gather in the pines around the house.

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Asia and Rory’s Homa Herbal Corner – Chamomile

(Matricaria chamomilla and
Chamaemelum nobile)

This month we would like to focus on the versatile herb Chamomile. There are two varieties of this popular herb – German (Matricaria chamomilla) which grows to 60 cm high, and the lower growing and spreading Roman variety (Chamaemelum nobile). The flowers of both varieties have a similar action and are used medicinally.
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Asia and Rory’s Homa Herbal Corner – Garlic

We, Asia & Rory Maher, with our two children, live at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, a Homa community in the Tatra Mountain region of southern Poland. We met here in 2001 and gave our first Homa Herbal workshop that same year at the International Homa Therapy Conference. Soon after, we had the fortune to be married by Shree Vasant and during the wedding ceremony He explained that Homa Herbs would be much needed now and in the future. Continue reading “Asia and Rory’s Homa Herbal Corner – Garlic”

José Serrano | Allergies

José Serrano
Churriana, Málaga,
Spain, Europe

      I am 67 years old. Since I was a child, I have always had allergy problems and I have related it to the atmospheric pollution and permanent contamination of our natural environment. I have been very sensitive to contamination in general terms. When I was a child, I sneezed a lot. It was something uncontrollable. At that time, there were no paper towels and I used to spend 7, 8 up to 10 handkerchiefs a day and then washed them for reuse on another day. I sneezed thousands and thousands of times.
   (Photo: Mr. José practicing Agnihotra.)

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