Diego Walberto Lastra Rendón | Prostate Cancer

Diego Walberto Lastra Rendón
Esmeraldas, Ecuador

    In May 2016, after taking tests at Solca (Society to Fight Cancer), I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with tumor marker PCA 272, when the normal value is up to 4.
   Three years after I had been diagnosed with this cancer, in 2019, I started practicing Homa Therapy. Although I had known it years before in Carondelet for its extraordinary results in agriculture, I had not practiced it. Thanks God, to Prof. Abel, Aleta and Mother Sofía, Homa Therapy came into my life again. I began to practice the Homa healing fires regularly in the company of my wife.
   Since 2019, now almost four years, I have not taken any medication. My only medicine is Agnihotra ash and the practice of the healing Agnihotra fire and additional fires such as Tryambakam Homa.

(Photo: Prof. Diego Lastra ready to share Agnihotra.)

    I regularly visit the doctor and in my last exam this year 2022, the PCA tumor markers was 1.1.
    I thank God, the people who initiated me in the practice of Homa fires, the love of my family and especially I am grateful to Homa Therapy.

   Another one of my experiences was with my good friend Eber Corozo in Esmeraldas. He was very sick. He couldn’t sit up for a minute. He had to be lying down all the time. After 15 days of doing daily Agnihotra with him and taking the Agnihotra healing ash, he began to sit and then to walk. Little by little, he recovered completely and felt so well that he even got married. My wife and I were the godparents.
    One day, Eber’s mother came while we were doing Agnihotra, then she left the room without saying anything. Afterwards, she said that ‘this witchcraft is not for Eber, no more‘. As a result of this, he stopped doing the Homa fires. His health began to decline. He passed away a year and two months ago.

   I invite people to perform Agnihotra. At the beginning, we thought that Homa Therapy was a joke. Now, based on my personal experiences I dare to share this testimony.
   Brothers and friends make your decision today and don’t waste any more time!
   With Homa Therapy, you don’t have to change your religious or political principles, your way of seeing life, etc. With Homa Therapy, pure blessings pour into ones’ life. OM SHREE

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