Valeria Maricielo del Rosario Calderón Chunga | Down Syndrome

Francisco Calderon Morales and his daughter Valeria
Social Development Management of the Provincial Municipality of Piura
Arenal, Piura, Peru, South America

(Photo: Valeria with her father during the practice of Agnihotra.)

I am 51 years old. My daughter is 7 years old and her name is Valeria Maricielo del Rosario Calderón Chunga. My daughter was born with Down Syndrome. She was very flabby. She was born with "crossed eyes" (Strabismus). She was very fragile, so much so, that I was even afraid to hold her. It seemed that she was going to break.
  The doctors told me that she never was going to walk and that she would not have teeth. They wanted to operate on my daughter’s eyes because they were too deviated. My wife cried a lot and I said, "What can we do? Let’s do the best we can!" We have the medical ID card that proofs that my daughter has “Down Syndrome”; she is registered.
  However, through my friend, Walter Benites, I heard about Homa Therapy. I came to the city Piura and consulted Dr. Abel. He recommended not doing this eye surgery, and to practice Homa Therapy.
   That was 7 years ago. Now her eyesight is fine.The amount of eye deviation is minimal. My daughter is always by my side when I am doing Agnihotra. She has a very different behavior from other disabled children. My girl studies in a national official regular school. She is in the first grade. She understands everything.
    When she entered the classroom, the teacher asked if she wears diapers. I told her “No, she does her normal needs by herself. My daughter is independent. She also bathes herself and calls when she needs something.”
She is always at my side when I do Homa Therapy and she receives the Agnihotra ash.
My experience with the Agnihotra Fire is that everything the doctors told me did not happen.

They told me she was not going to talk, she was not going to have teeth, and she was not going to walk. Now, look at her! She talks and loves to dance and play. And she has nice teeth.

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  1. This is a wonderful story and I am very happy to hear that you believe in her and yourselves as parents! Thanks for sharing this and go on with living and healing! I wish you all the best!

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