Sridam Roy’s Story

Bangalore, Karnataka

Skin disease

“Jeevan, a 12 year old boy lives in one of the villages surrounding the Art of Living Ashram near Bangalore. At the age of one month he developed a skin disorder which progressively worsened over the years. He was covered with sores and rashes which would bleed, causing immense pain and discomfort.”

“Over the years he tried allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine, visited numerous temples and astrologers and did many pujas but nothing helped his condition.”

“About a month ago a youth worker suggested to his parents that he do Agnihotra, believing he would definitely benefit from its healing effects.”

“Since then Jeevan has attended Agnihotra which I am performing here in the ashram every day. He consumes Agnihotra ash three times a day after every meal and rubs the ash on his skin.”

“In this short time 80% of the sores have dried up, healed and stopped bleeding. He is able to mix freely with his classmates now. Jeevan’s life is changing. His real natural unblemished skin is actually developing only now.”

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