Shikha Sharma | Allergy

(Photo: Shikha Sharma with her eldest son.)

Shikha Sharma Chaturvedi
Westend, Delhi, India

    I am 38 years old. I like to share my experience with Homa Therapy. Yesterday was my first time that we practiced Agnihotra. I took some of the Agnihotra ash home.

   My youngest son is 4 years old and he had a terrible viral infection in the throat. He had much pain. So, last night I gave him just a pinch of the Agnihotra ash and this morning he was fully recovered! I did not see the need to give him even one dose of the regular medicine. So, I definitely want to continue this every day of my life!

   We are living in Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world. Almost every week, I suffered from allergy problems and had to take medication. So, yesterday, when I entered the Agnihotra session, I had come with shooting pain and something like a lump in the throat. While I was  inhaling the Agnihotra smoke, the pain began to go away. And as soon as I had just one pinch of this Agnihotra ash, the pain left me completely, completely. And it has not returned. So, I hope with the Agnihotra practice I do not have to take more medication.

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