Rakhi Uday Sawant | Many visible benefits in my life

Rakhi Uday Sawant
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

     I am a beautician by profession. I was introduced to Agnihotra by Mrs. Rajeshwari & Shri. Satish Nilajkar in 2013. Initially I was not so regular, but after joining the Sunday Group Chanting & Agnihotra Activity in Belgaum, I started developing more interest. The lockdowns due to the pandemic, gave me a God-gifted opportunity to practice Agnihotra very regularly. Since then, I have been experiencing many visible benefits in my life & I am happy to share them with all.

Firstly, I see a distinct change in my thinking pattern, which has helped me develop patience and avoid reactive behavior. This has enabled me have clarity of thoughts & take qualitative decisions. Things I desired, have started falling in place with a lot of ease, as if the cosmos is listening to my silent wishes! At the same time, my own capacity to accept people and things around me has improved remarkable.
       I had always wished that my family members also should participate in Agnihotra, without much pressure or force from my side…. which I see now happening. I see a change in the approach of my spouse towards Agnihotra & he is voluntarily participating in whatever I do and also keeps me encouraged. Basically, the atmosphere at home has become a kind of stress-free & enlivening.
People at home have become expressive….….my friends also now share their personal matters with me, without any hesitation!
The chirping of the birds has increased around my apartment and also I see lots of squirrels dancing up & down the trees.
I also experience a kind of abundance at home. I don’t feel shortage of anything at any time. It is a kind of a situation, where I ask for one and I get two! My husband’s business has significantly grown in last few years.
     Though I had almost decided to take an off from my profession, I still have good and worthy clients. I now don’t work for economic gains alone. I feel now that there is a different satisfaction in attending the clients & fulfilling their needs. My personal habits & lifestyle have changed. I have given up soft drinks, which I used to drink regularly in the past. I now have a more balanced mind-set & the craving for various things in life has drastically reduced. And now I tend to think more about what and how I can contribute in return.
I was told by Mrs. Roopa Lokur that Agnihotra Ash can be used as medicine. She had given me ash mixed with ghee when I had some burns and on applying it I could realize the healing effects of Agnihotra ash & now the burn marks no longer exist.
I decided to use the Agnihotra ash extensively in our daily routine:
– I mix Agnihotra ash with our drinking water
– I have also tried mixing it with hair shampoo & found miraculous results by way of reduction in hair fall
– I also used to have irritation due to cough and cold – that too is now largely reduced
– I apply the Agnihotra ash mixed with water to my skin & now I find the skin is smooth & more glowing than before!
– I also used to have intermittent headache (like migraine) & I used to take medicine like aspirin, but ever since I have started consuming water mixed with Agnihotra ash – my recurring headache problem has vanished.
      I feel blessed to experience the positivity & am grateful to the almighty for having introduced me to the Fivefold Path! More importantly I have started enjoying my own company & I am able to give a lot of time to myself. I wish to help more and more people walk the Fivefold Path & experience the divinity within!
To summarize I can say … just by listening that sugar is sweet one can’t taste the sweetness. Similarly, just by knowing or reading about Agnihotra one can’t experience the benefits. To lead a harmonious & peaceful life – one has to practice Agnihotra regularly!
Stay blessed.  Om Shree Om.     
(Photo: Mrs. Rakhi during Agnihotra practice.)

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  1. happy to read your experience with agnihotra . please what chanting do you do while doing agnihotra.
    ms. sachu sadasivan(india)

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