Rajiv Luthra | Accident

 Dr. Rajiv Luthra

Rajiv Luthra
New Delhi, India, Asia

     I am a practicing attorney in India, seated in Delhi. I founded one of the largest law firms in the country and it is doing well.
I got to hear about Prof. Abel and Homa Therapy in an e-mail my wife wrote, inviting her friends and she included me, which she normally does not.

    I was resting in my room and I don’t know what pushed me, I was in my night gown, but came down that way into the room where there where about 40 people, when this whole process started.
     By the way, since I am a lawyer, I doubt everything.
 I am a logical person. I am the most skeptical in the world.
 As I was trying to understand what is this – a mumbo jumbo?, I picked up 2 things : one was this “window of energy opening” in the morning of which I read about in other spheres, and again a “window of energy opening” in the evening, because of sunset and sunrise. That got stuck in my head.
So I listened a little bit more and I wanted to see how I could be affected.

     I cannot disclose more, but for the last 7, 8 days my life has been in a lot of turmoil.
Not for any personal reasons, but because we are dealing with the largest and most complicated legal transactions in the country. And because I am the head of the firm, all the legal stuff that our lawyers cannot handle, I have to handle.     And my mind was totally cluttered.
Believe it or not, during Agnihotra my mind started cleaning up. Let’s say that I had about 30 complicated problems and
when I finished Agnihotra I was focused and suddenly I realized that 4 of them were solved.
 My mind got clearer and clearer and clearer during Agnihotra.

Also, I had a very bad accident many years again and I also had an open brain surgery in 2013. So many medicines, lot of medication, etc. my body was not working as it should. But the next morning, when I woke up, I was fresh as a petal.
 My mind was steady, there was no confusion, no thoughts, because almost all the problems I could solve them.

I have a metal plate in my left leg and no muscles in the inner thigh of my right leg due to an accident. So the circulation in my legs and toes is almost zero. They get cold and I have to get a massage every day.  I have a 24-hours masseuse at home and she massages me when I get home, before I do anything else. She is a lama, a trained Buddhist masseuse. She calls me ‘Bhai’, which means brother, and she told me: Bhai, your legs used to be very, very stiff. They have got soft and they are warmer.
 The next morning, I tried to feel my toes and they started to move. They were usually frozen, but now I can move them!
   Even some brown marks on the foot are disappearing, those where there because of the bad circulation. So, I have done Agnihotra 3 times and I have taken the ash 6 to 8 times so far.
Again, I am very skeptic, but suddenly the toes are moving. So, I am going to try this for a while.
I am certainly committed.  Agnihotra will be done every sunset in my office.

    I am the most undisciplined human being in the world, whether it is going to the gym or anything else. I do it 2, 3 days and generally have to be forced to do it.

 However, this Agnihotra, I want to do it, because I am already feeling the effects of it. Maybe, we can chat again in a few weeks.

Photo left: Dr. Rajiv with his family and personnel doing Agnihotra at his office.

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