Pilar Arroyave’s Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America


“I am 57 years old. I work as a volunteer in this suburb of Armenia, called Genesis. I give painting classes to the children. I started taking the Agnihotra ash because I have a health problem. I suffer from a very rapid advancing poly-arthritis. Every joint in my body hurt awfully. I was taking very strong medicine, which is also given for epilepsy.”

“I started with Agnihotra just 8 days ago. I saw the Homa Therapy presentation at the school and loved it. I took that medicine with Agnihotra ash and the negative side effects of the medicine (dizziness, heaviness, drunkenness, etc.) disappeared completely and right away. As I kept taking the Agnihotra ash, the pains have diminished, but the best is that I feel very happy.”

“Since the doctor told me that my disease was accelerated and advanced, I also became very depressed. The truth is that I had asked the Lord to take me away, instead of living my life bedridden. I was very depressed but now I am active and very optimistic.”

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