Paula Jaramillo | Vaccine Injury

Psychologist Paula Jaramillo
Armenia, Quindío,
Colombia, South America

       I have 2 daughters, a 17-year-old girl who is studying medicine and a 13-year-old girl. They are Sofia and Sara. They have two puppies. We recently went through an experience with one of the puppies that we took to vaccinate. That night we all slept peacefully. But the next day the puppy could not move, he was crawling only with the front legs. He could not use the back legs. When we saw this reaction, we did not know what to do. Since my daughter went to study, I was in charge and thought, my God, what can I do? I recorded a video at 12:55 noon to show the critical situation of the puppy.

Then I went to the vet, who had applied the vaccine. He said that the puppy had some damage which has to do with his nervous system. That we have to stabilize and channel him and give him medications. Afterwards I was supposed to take the puppy to the hospital to have an ultrasound and find out if any organs were atrophied.
When I heard all this, it seemed very complex, and I had no cash for the treatments. So, I called a friend who is also a veterinarian and he told me that it is likely that the vaccine had been injected into a tendon.
At first, I didn’t know what to do, but I got illuminated at once– HOMA THERAPY! I took him calmly home and prepared a large bowl of  water with Agnihotra ash. The puppy drank a lot, a lot. He seemed to love that water. It was a miracle of God, because at 2:18, I recorded another video where the puppy is already playing and jumping with the other dog. We were so very happy.
That same day, later on, I cut myself with a knife very deep the thumb of my left hand. I immediately applied the Agnihotra ash and the bleeding stopped at once. By the afternoon, it was already healed, super easy. (Photo: Paula Jaramillo)
Homa Therapy has worked wonders in my life and I am very happy. I feel very stable emotionally. Being a single mother demands a lot. There are many roles to assume – being a mother, working, being a provider, educator, career, I work on temporary contracts, etc. not having the stability of a permanent job, it is a constant stress generator.
In December, a friend invited me to experience Homa Therapy in BoticaSol, and I realized that that was the healing space I needed. The Mantras seemed very familiar to me. The fire reminded me about happy childhood experiences with my grandmother in the countryside, where we also had a fire. I really liked the smell of cow dung and I milked the cows. I was very attracted to everything I was encountering with Homa Therapy. Everything was very familiar.
All experiences, exercises and techniques that I have found in BoticaSol through Homa Therapy have provoked an incredible change and transformation in my life. I am very grateful to you and Mrs. Dorita of BoticaSol for opening this space and for receiving me with a hug every day. Here I feel at home and I like to volunteer with Homa Therapy, because I have the time and desire. I feel very happy with Homa Therapy.

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